Technik Eisspeedway-Motorräder

Jawa-Eisspeedway 2002


AAR This bike is made by A. A. Riihimaki from Finland.

Alle Infos z. Eisspeedwayrennen in Flims 2001 (CH)

DM-Seitenwagen Finale in Vechta

Eisracing Finnland

Eisspeedway - Master of Spikes 2001

Eisspeedway CH

Eisspeedway in Assen


ERLA-JAWA Incorporating a Ducati Desmodromic Head.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Speedway, Longtrack, Grasstrack and Ice Racing

GPB The Dutch Mid Eighties Horizontal racer.

GRS Gerrit Rook's JAWA bottomhalf with a Desmodromic DUCATI head.

HI-MO The German machine as used by Martin Schmid.

HMT The German machine by Harald Mössmer from Trauchau.

Ivanov The machine from the Russian former World Champion.

Jakovlev The Russian brothers Tibo Lookalike.

Jawa 881.0 Jawa Prototype 2 Stroke Iceracer.

Jawa 890 Iceracer dated around 1967 with 890 motor

Jawa 891 The Jawa Ice Racer raced by Joe Hughes (1974-75)

Jawa 893.6 Jawa with 898 motor in line with frame.

Jawa Jawa Iceracer of the 1997-98 type.

Jawa Jawa Iceracer of the 1999 type.

Jawa Latest Jawa Iceracer of 2000.

Normale Eisgepanne und Solo

Peltonen The Swedish Ice Machine.

SideCar Ice Racing in Massachusetts

Siwa The Austrian built SIWA (Siegfried Wartblichter) .

Svensson The Swedish machine with monocoque frame.

Tibo The Dutch built Jawa powered machine.

Tjitte Bootsma Eisspeedway-Fahrgestelle

Unknown An unknown qauntity with a Matchless engine.

VT The Finnish built VT (Veijo Tuoriniemi) machines.